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We provide fast, accurate, nation-wide appraisals on landscape property damage insurance claims resulting from all types of losses:

        •Vehicle Damage
        •Chemical Damage
        •And More

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Pricing Structure:

• Complete Field Reports are $95 per hour (avg. 2.5hrs)

• Quick in Office Estimate Verification $75

Landscape Claims
Service, Inc. is an American owned company.


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Providing Assistance for the Recent Fire & Storm Damage Across the Country

Attention all Insurance Companies and Insurance Adjusters:

Dear Insurance Professional,

Please allow me to introduce my company, Landscape Claims Service, Inc. (LCS) a full service landscape property damage insurance claim appraisal company. We have 33 years of extensive industry experience. We specialize in providing prompt accurate appraisals on trees, lawns, shrubbery , asphalt, masonry, fence and lawn sprinkler damage resulting from vehicle damage, fires, storm damage, and vandalism claims.

Our focus is placed on providing your company with a fair means of appraising landscape damage claims and helping reduce the possibility of insurance fraud. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent dishonest claimants from networking with unscrupulous “professionals” in the landscape industry that are in the unique position to provide inflated estimates for their prospective clients. As you know this common practice is costing the insurance industry millions of dollars each year. As independent appraisers, we believe that we, too, are in a unique position, to protect your company from these fraudulent, costly practices.

We guarantee quality service and timely expediting of professionally prepared reports that are tailored to meet insurance industry standards. Each report contains a detailed description and a photograph of the proposed landscape property damage. Our services also include nation-wide searches for licensed contractors qualified to perform all on-site work, as well as expert testimony and depositions for difficult claims if necessary.

We offer different pricing structures to best meet your needs. Our rates begin at $75 for in office reports that we can review, verify and send you a report from information supplied from your office about the claim. Field reports are based on $95 per hour and a standard field report usually averages 2.5 hours.

Maintaining headquarters in Florida and New York, we are nationally known and serve nationwide with affiliates located throughout the country. If you have any questions regarding additional information or if you would like to assign a loss to our company for an appraisal, please do not hesitate to contact us via our web site or at 561-398-5625 (FL Office) or 631-599-8956 (NY Office).


Joseph Morello

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